G. H. Finn – Author’s Bio



G. H. Finn is the pen name of someone you are very unlikely to have heard of but who keeps his real identity secret anyway, possibly in the forlorn hope of one day being mistaken for a superhero.

Having written non-fiction for many years, G. H. Finn decided to start submitting short-stories to publishers in early 2015. He was flabberghasted when the first piece of fiction he had ever submitted was selected for publication. He was even more gobsmacked to discover that he really was going to be paid actual hard cash for the story. At that point he decided that there might be something to this writing lark afterall.

Since then he has had a wide range of fiction published and especially enjoys mixing genres in his work, including mystery, horror, steampunk, sword-and-sorcery, dark comedy, fantasy, detective, crime, dieselpunk, weird, supernatural, sword-and-planet, speculative, folkloric, Cthulhu mythos, sci-fi, spy-fi, crime and urban fantasy.



For around 20 years, G. H. Finn lived on one of the remote Northern Isles of Orkney. At times in his career he has been an amateur strongman, a breeder of rare & endangered birds, a professional martial arts instructor, a teacher of Norse mythology, a bodyguard, a deep-sea diver, a computer programmer, a performance poet, a coach to world-record breaking athletes, a singer in a punk band, a massage therapist, a champion needleworker, an international currency smuggler, a consulting sorcerer and an elephant keeper. Three of these are total lies, the others are all true, but you’ll have to guess for yourself which is which.



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