The Perfect Crime

Title : The Perfect Crime

Published 15th October 2015


The cover of The Mammoth Book of the Adventures of Moriarty: The Secret Life of Sherlock Holmes's Nemesis

Short story, circa 5,600 words

Featured in The Adventures of Moriarty: The Secret Life of Sherlock Holmes’s Nemesis (anthology), edited by Maxim Jakubowski, published in the UK by Constable Robinson and in the USA by Running Press.

“We think of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson, but far more seductive is the pairing of Holmes and Professor James Moriarty, ‘the Napoleon of crime’ – a rivalry unparalleled in the world of crime fiction. Fiercely intelligent and a relentless schemer, Moriarty is the super-villain as megastar.

The anthology reveals not just the evil side of Moriarty’s personality, but his humanity, his motivations and his human failings. Some of the stories are humorous, some scary, but all are hugely entertaining.”

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Reviews of The Adventures of Moriarty: The Secret Life of Sherlock Holmes’s Nemesis on Amazon :

Some very clever and well written stories showing a great diversity of imagination.

This is an extremely entertaining selection of brand new stories involving Professor Moriarty, the criminal mastermind of Sherlock Holmes fame. Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories revealed remarkably little about the devilishly intelligent criminal, but here leading crime short-story writers from the UK and US, including Barbara Nadel and Martin Edwards, flex their imaginations to great effect. There are quite a few real gems, and my personal favourite is Howard Halstead’s “The Malady of the Mind Doctor”, which places Moriarty “on the couch” as a young would-be psychologist’s first patient. The result is a subtle, sublime and highly intriguing story. It’s a masterful tale in a marvellous book.